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Our Philosophy

It’s About the Relationships

Due to our extensive lending experience and knowledge, we were able to quickly identify the trend toward full-service lending, putting us at the forefront of this developing market. We understand how important the relationship is between lenders and borrowers. It is important to remember that the borrowers are also customers, and they demand excellent customer service from your agents.
For this reason, we serve to function as a continuation of your organization. Our purpose is to sustain and cultivate the relationships between your company and your borrowers. To us, nothing is more satisfying than when our lender-clients are told by their borrowers that we are truly “the best they have ever worked with” or that closing a loan with us was “easy and efficient.” We are extremely proud to have received many of these compliments.

Work Smarter and Faster

In loan closings, there are situations that commonly arise such as complex paper trails leading into default situations. Other times, an easily manageable situation becomes a major problem because it wasn’t dealt with appropriately or at the right time. For example, an issue might be overlooked in documentation and underwriting that should have been addressed in the beginning of the process.
Our role in the loans and closing process is to help you avoid problems such as these by working smarter. We know that your lawyers and legal fees are expensive, and therefore, you would like to address issues on your own whenever possible, without involving your lawyers (and their legal fees) for every small issue. Our services are efficient and affordable by comparison.

The Difference We Provide

We don’t just say we’re different: many of our clients tell us the same. If you give us the chance to work with you and your borrowers, we know that you will also be pleased with our services. We will be happy to discuss our services and how we can assist with your loan documentation and needs, including assisting on complex issues, offering guidance for those problem loans, and helping your employees to work smarter.

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