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Wilk Silver Difference

Big Vision. Micro Focus.

As one of the first firms to combine legal knowledge with national title experience, Wilk Silver is truly unique. Capitalizing on our extensive background in the national real estate market, we offer a distinct perspective. Wilk Silver has the real estate experience, the business acumen, and the discernment to start with the broader view and then narrow the focus to achieving our clients’ specific business goals. Our multi-faceted approach and abundance of experience in mortgage and title allows us to review a situation, identify solutions, and execute the plan. This is true whether your situation involves a lien reinstatement or a complex title issue.

Expert Guides. Trusted Partner.

Operating at the crossroads of the mortgage and title industries, our firm is uniquely positioned to address challenging problems in this ever-evolving area of law. Over the past ten years, we have established ourselves as trusted advisors to some of the largest banks in the world, building on our foundation as a national law firm to become a trusted partner. Whether you are seeking help with a deal or are facing major compliance exposure, we have the ability to approach it in countless different ways. Our cadre of attorneys can recommend the most appropriate path, whether notarial correction, negotiation, or litigation.

Legal Insight. Business Outlook.

While dissecting the legal aspects of a client’s issue, we also consider the business perspective. We are dedicated to understanding our clients’ business needs before suggesting a course of action, which enables us to offer you a tailored approach rather than prescribed actions. You will benefit from the combined wisdom of the entire firm instead of a single practice area. We understand that these issues can often be quite complex and that cross-collaboration across the firm delivers a more comprehensive perspective. This approach draws on the extensive knowledge and expertise of our attorneys and our connections throughout the mortgage and title industries, allowing us to consider issues from multiple angles.

Decisive Action. Forward Thinking.

From our early beginnings focusing primarily on general real estate law, our capabilities now encompass a wide range of collateral issues. We draw on the deep experience of our senior partners to navigate complex title and mortgage problems. Our broad experience helps us act more proactively on your behalf. In this new era of compliance, you need a multidisciplinary approach because no client ever has a single legal issue. We strive to excel in those areas that matter most to you and keep you at the forefront of compliance.

Out of the Box Solutions. Positive Results.

Many law firms traditionally choose the route of litigation. At Wilk Silver we pride ourselves on innovative thinking. Our team likes to think our side the box, break from tradition, and resolve client matters in the most effective manner possible. For each of our clients, success is our goal and we work at smarter solutions for every client matter we undertake.


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