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Loan Document Defects

Resolving Loan Document Defects is our Niche

Defective documents can disrupt the closing process if not caught soon enough and, in a worst-case scenario, create great risk down the road when they are discovered after the transaction is complete. At Wilk Silver, our attorneys have the depth of loan documentation defect repair experience necessary to quickly and comprehensively discover and correct any defects in the documents supporting a mortgage transaction. We are able to discover and correct all types of defective documents and assist in the removal of these defects in order to facilitate the closure of the loan.
We are a client-centric firm, which means that our attorneys take the care to thoroughly examine all pertinent documents and then do whatever it takes to facilitate a swift, seamless resolution to any defect we discover. We are committed to meeting our clients’ needs, and we are willing to go the extra mile in order to resolve any issues with their loan documents. Our wide-ranging real estate and loan documentation defect repair expertise allows our clients to be confident that any and all defects in their documentation will be found and corrected as quickly and painlessly as possible.
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