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Wilk Silver represents lenders and other stakeholders in the real estate industry as they prepare documents for transactions or work to correct any defects in those documents. The proper legal guidance is paramount to those who are parties to a real estate transaction. We are committed to providing diligent, responsive service to all of our partners, and we have the expertise necessary to ensure quality, accuracy, and speed, thus allowing our clients to move forward quickly with all transactions and projects. We specialize in lender reinstatements, loan documentation defect repair, deed of trust reinstatements, and CEMA transactions, among other services.
We work closely with our clients and leverage our wide-ranging experience to ensure that they are receiving only the highest quality, most directed services possible. No matter how simple or complex the legal work you require, the experts at Wilk Silver can provide the legal aid you need.
We are passionate about helping our clients maintain compliance and close their transactions quickly and effectively. We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients.
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Firm Overview

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