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Make Sure Your Liens are Being Served in a Timely Manner

Ensuring that your filed mechanic’s lien is served within the required time limit is extremely important because it could be the deciding factor between whether it is considered a valid or invalid document.   Pennsylvania statutes regarding liens detail very specific methods of serving an owner of property that has…
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HUD Reports Rising U.S. Median Home Prices

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that residential real estate prices continue to rise. The median home price in 2011 was $110,000, according to American Housing Survey data gathered by the Census Bureau. New statistics also reveal that the median price went up by approximately $2,500 since…
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Basel III: A Judicial Medicine with Drastic Side Effects

The capital standards set forth by Basel III are scheduled to go into effect in 2015, and many community banks are concerned. The final rules on risk-based capital will affect a variety of financial institutions such as holding companies dealing in savings and loans. It also affects savings associations and…
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What is a CEMA and how does it work?

When you select a CEMA, you will likely have lower recording tax costs. The state charges a recording cost to process a mortgage and submit public record documentation for the property. However, by borrowing mortgage funds with a CEMA, you can lower your fees for the documentation process. In some…
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